What Inspires us?

giving is good for the heartWhat moves us? What inspires us as human beings? Generally speaking, inspiration compels or moves us to create, or take action. It comes in many forms. There isn’t any one answer to my questions. Inspiration is different for each and every one of us. Some people are inspired by success stories; someone who comes from poverty and works themselves up to wealth and career success. Some are moved by people who defy the normal restraints put on by society and march to the beat of their own drum. Others are inspired by nature and all its beauty. Despite all the obstacles in its way, nature continues to defy the odds. She gives us beautiful apple blossoms in the Spring, amazing rivers to cool ourselves in during Summer, gorgeous golds and yellows of Autumn and dazzling, sparkling pure white snow in the Winter. The list can go on and on with what inspires different people.

I heard a story of an older woman, who sits looking out her window every day, and waves at all the children as they pass her house on their way to school. She herself gets so much joy out of it, however the students and parents that she waves to, receive such an uplifting, loving gift to start their day. Here is a link to the story and what the children and school ended up doing for her. I warn you, it will most likely bring a tear or two to your eye.


As I was asking myself this question, I started thinking about what moves me the most. All of the above stories can give me a warm, fuzzy feeling, but they don’t necessarily touch me on a deeper level or make me want to do better or take action. The stories that really get to me or touch my heart in extraordinary ways, are the ones that involve kindness. When someone is willing to help another with no level of expectation in their motives; just plain old-fashioned kindness.They just do something, or help someone, because they can.

When this type of kindness really gets to me, is when it is directed at me. When someone does something kind for me it almost always brings me to tears and moves me to want to be a better person. Here are a couple of examples. Once, not long after I had left my ex. my car needed a new battery and I didn’t have two nickles to rub together. I could barely afford a jug of milk. I had no idea what I was going to do. I thought I would take it to my Dad’s place and use his charger to try to get a bit of juice into it, no such luck. It was dead as a door nail. My brother  was down visiting our parents as well and he offered to see what he could do and said it could take a while. So my Mom and myself went into town for a bit and visited my sister at her restaurant. We got back to my parents place only to find out my brother had gone into to town, bought a new battery and installed it in my car. “Consider it a gift” he said. I am not even sure I said a proper thank you, as I was so moved to tears, I could barely talk. As if that wasn’t enough, the next day when I was about to head back to my home, (I left a bit early as I knew I had to get gas) not only did he pay for my battery, he had also paid for a full tank of gas. I was so grateful; I cried all the way home. That generosity helped me beyond measure. I couldn’t believe it.

Another kindness that was bestowed upon me was by my boyfriend. I had recently moved in with him and couldn’t find  work. My savings was dwindling down to nothing, but I still had bills to pay. One of which was my son’s cell phone bill. I agreed that I would pay for his cell phone as long as he was in University and his father would pay for tuition while he was living at his Dad’s house. One day, my boyfriend came to me and said, ” I have thought that I would like to take over your son’s cell phone bills, from now on. I know it is tough for you now and I want to do what I can for him while he is in school and help relieve some money stresses from you” This time I did manage to say a better thank you, but the tears came just the same. Along with the tears on both occasions, came such a feeling of gratitude that I can’t describe in words. All I know is I felt so relieved and overwhelmed with a warmth that felt really fantastic.

There have been so many wonderful things that people have done for me in my life, that I couldn’t possibly begin to touch on them all. I do know that I remember how they made me feel and I am still so grateful for each and every one of them.There is so much kindness in the world. We tend to forget or just simply not notice it. We are just too busy. It is important to remind ourselves to slow down, look up from your phone or iPad and notice kindness that is continually happening all around us. We are just too caught up in ourselves to notice it. Please take time to notice it.

So,  back to  my question, “What inspires us?” It is not definitive. Each person and each situation is very different. Depending on where you are in your life’s journey, your inspiration will come in different forms. It is ever-changing and ever flowing. The bottom line is always look for something to inspire yourself, or better yet, go out and inspire someone else through kindness. It will most likely make their day, just as it did mine.



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  2. Wow! That really was inspirational! You are an amazing writer, I can’t wait to read more of what you have to say! ❤ Truly touching stories!

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